Buzz ~ in Central Coast CA


When I took the ride to the shelter, I was a terrible mess. My once long luxurious coat was so matted and dirty it could not be brushed. I hadn't found much to eat while I was lost so my ribs stuck out. I was happy to be safe in the shelter. My owners never came for me, so I was neutered, all my hair was buzzed off, and I was offered up for adoption.

A woman came to look at me and to talk to me. I was scared and anxious. Later that day she returned and took me to her house. I had lots of good food and a warm bed to sleep in. She calls me Buzz, after my silly haircut. No one would ever guess that I was a Silky Terrier. I am glad
to be here. I run and jump  in the fenced yard and come to her when I am called. I get treats and can run around the house and sit on laps when the other dogs here are crated. I never threaten the people here, but those other dogs should stay away from me!



I need a new forever home with a secure fence and no other dogs around. I don't know about cats. Probably gentle children would be fine, but no rough stuff.

Buzz is a small dog and his to-the-skin hair cut makes him look smaller and his ears bigger! He has luxating patellas (kneecaps that are not tight) .  His teeth are sound and clean. He is bright eyed and friendly with people. He is apparently quite healthy, and is gaining weight due to his big appetite! He wears a belly band and it would be best if he always wore it indoors. He is normally quiet in a crate and sleeps in one during the night.

Buzz's adoption fee is $200.00

Please complete an application and mention you are interested in Buzz. The application is online at

It is not necessary to reapply if you have already completed an application.  Simply email us at and let us know you are interested in Buzz (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files). 
Posted 9/25/2019
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