Madeline ~ in Los Angeles

Looking for a Home

Meet Madeline a lovely, gentle girl full of fun and life. She is a youngster at 18 months of age and needs a person who will be able to pay attention to her.

She loves everyone she meets. She loves to play with toys and is good with other dogs her size. I have not seen how she behaves with children. Although she would not do well with small children as she will try to jump on you for attention.

She barks in a crate, does great in an exercise pen but would prefer to sleep with you. She is piddle pad trained in the house and will ask to go out. She would do best with someone who is home a lot and has a lot of time to spend with her as she is extremely intelligent and wants to interact with you. She loves playing ball and tug of war. She hasn't chewed any furniture but I give her plenty of chew toys.



Madeline at play She needs to go to an obedience class with her owner. As intelligent and young as she is she needs to learn to work as a team or she could rapidly get out of control. For that you will get a lifetime of love and affection from a wonderful girl.
Madeline is a very special girl. Sweet Madeline
Posted 4/4/2019
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