Rosie ~ Rochester, WA


Meet Rosie.

Sweet Little Rosie was pulled from her home due to cruelty and neglect. She has spent the last three months in foster care becoming healthy and happy. She may be the sweetest dog her foster mom has ever met. She currently is around 7 1/2 pounds. She could stand to lose a pound but is a serious eater. She loves her wet food And soft treats. Due to serious dental disease she just had most of her teeth pulled. But that doesn’t stop her from eating.



She does well in houses with other dogs. She loves to cuddle. She always wants to be right by her foster mom even when she sleeps. She is crate trained. She is housebroken yet can’t go very long without going outside. She is also potty pad trained.
She is not a walking dog due to one bad knee but this knee doesn’t stop her from running around the yard. She loves to explore outside. She would love a home with a fenced yard so she can explore. She would also love a home where someone is home Most of the time she loves attention.
’s between 8 and 10. She doesn’t act like a child. She loves to play with toys and run around in the yard.She has had a very hard life and has perked up From a terrified a little dog with no hair to a soft cuddly amazing dog. She Has a clean bill of health from the vet and deserves an amazing home
Rosie After the tough little life she’s had. As you can see by the pictures Rosie is more Yorkie then Silky.

Rosie is in Rochester, Wa and her adoption fee is $300.00. Fill out an application and come see Rosie. She is a real sweetie.
Posted 12/3/2019
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