Chelsea's Story

Hi, it's me again, Chelsea Foster. I'm so happy to tell you that I have been adopted! Here's a picture of me and my new mom, Julia, right before we left to go to our house. I think I'm a very lucky girl to have such a nice mom. I loved my foster family and all the new things I experienced there, but I'm glad to have a home of my own now. So many people liked reading the story my foster mom wrote about me that I asked them to keep it here on the web site so people could learn about what happens to dogs in puppy mills and what can happen when they are rescued. Chelsea and Julia
Chelsea The first five years of my life weren't that good, seeing how I spent 24 hours of every day in a wire cage, and having two litters of babies every year. Then, everything changed one day. Some nice people came and took me and my other Silky family members to a vet, who kept me till my foster mom came to pick me up to take me home with her. I had no clue what was going on. When she put me in a crate with this funny feeling thing she called a sherpa pad, to drive me in her car, I pushed it back, because I was only used to a hard surface. When she put me on the grass, I didn't know how to walk on it, since I had never been on it before. I picked up my legs and did some high stepping when I walked. I didn't even give my foster mom and dad eye contact, and did the swimming thing with my legs when they carried me.

They were very patient with me, and their other dogs taught me lots. I never said a word for a couple of months, but then, I found my voice and barked! Boy, was it fun! My mom laughed and laughed, just like the first time I wagged my tail and did a happy dance. It was fun too. I guess I never had anything to do the happy dance about before.

These are some of the things that I have learned since I have been living here:

  • Air conditioning is better that being outside in the heat.
  • It's fun to eat a variety of food, not just kibble.
  • Sleeping on my mom's lap is nice while she works on her computer....she calls it "bonding".
  • After several trips to our nice Dr., I have clean teeth, and some other things they said they did, like blood work, got spayed, take my heartworm prevention pills, and got a rabies shot......although I don't know why they gave me that, because I would never ever think of biting anyone. The doctor says I'm very healthy. My foster mom says I'm very sweet and lovable. I like for her little granddaughters to hold and snuggle me. They were very gentle with me. I really like to sit on the couch with anyone who will sit with me and watch tv. I would do that all day long if I could. Funny thing about me is that don't know how to jump up or down from a couch or bed, so I will stay in a spot, kind of like a stuffed animal till someone comes to move me. I'm not a wild and crazy kind of girl. I don't need long walk or jumping around chasing squirrels, like the other girls in the family seem to like doing. I just stand and watch them and smile to myself at how silly they look. I like to conserve my energy and act like a lady.
  • I wasn't demanding like my mom and dad's other dogs. I have never had anything of my own, so I didn't ask for anything. My foster mom said it was sad, but I guess I just never knew dogs could do anything besides live in a cage and raise babies. Don't get me wrong. I was a good mom and loved my babies, but they were always taken away from me before I was ready for them to go and it wasn't long till I had some more babies to take care of.

    When I first came to my foster home, I had been shaved down, and now, I've been groomed the way a Silky should be groomed and my foster mom says my coat is looking so beautiful, now that it' growing out. She says I have such a cute little face and pretty little ears, which I hold up very nicely. She thinks that I am adorable. I am still kind of shy, but I really want to be with people who are nice and try very hard to understand what I'm supposed to do. This living in a house with people is just all so new!

  • Chelsea
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