How Can I Help?

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Many people feel that they would like to help these deserving little Silky Terriers but are not sure how they can participate. Here are some of the ways in which you might be able to help Silky Rescue:

tigerBe a contact person for your local shelters.toto

Contact your local shelters and, if they work with rescue groups, let them know that you would like to be contacted if a silky terrier comes into the shelter. Then you can contact Silky Terrier Rescue and we can work together to help the silky find a home.

Some may wonder why we need to be in contact with our local shelters. It is often true that small, adorable dogs like silkys are quickly adopted from shelters. However, it is common for shelters to determine that a dog is not adoptable. This might be because the dog is deemed "too old" or because it has sort of problem whether it is veterinary, behavioral, or appearance. If a dog is considered not adoptable, it will probably be put to sleep unless a rescue group is able to pick it up from the shelter. We want to make it easy for shelters to contact Silky Rescue if they happen to take in a silky like this.

huggy Help by providing transportation.daisy

Transportation is often crucial in rescue situations. This might involve going to a shelter to "bail out" a silky and then taking him to the vet or to a local foster home. Transportation might involve driving a silky part of the way or all of the way to a new foster home or to an adoptive home. It could involve taking the silky to the airport for his/her trip to his new home, or picking the silky up from the airport to help on the trip to the silky's destination. Or, maybe a little rescue silky will be very, very lucky and get to hitch a ride with you when you are flying somewhere and could take the silky in the cabin with you, in a carrier under your seat.

lucky Provide a foster home for a silky.maxwell

Foster homes are a very important component of rescue. Fostering could mean letting a silky stay overnight with you in between legs of a long trip. It might mean keeping the silky for a few days or a week or two while transportation arrangements are made. Sometimes, a foster home may keep a silky for an extended period. Perhaps the silky needs training or veterinary care before he will be ready for adoption by a new family. This can be provided while the silky is in a foster home.

oliver Adopt a rescue silky.reggie

Adoption is our goal. We want to place our rescue silkys in "forever homes". You can help by considering adoption of a silky, especially, an older or special needs dog. These dogs are the most likely to end up in rescue, and are the most difficult to place. But they can be wonderful companions and giving one of these deserving silkys a home can be enormously rewarding.

shadow Make a monetary donation.charles

Monetary contributions are greatly appreciated. By far, the largest share of expenses is related to veterinary care. There are routine veterinary expenses such as vaccinations. In addition, many rescue silkys have been victims of neglect, including neglect of their veterinary care...and to remedy this sort of problem can be very expensive. Other expenses can include costs for transportation, or for boarding, if a foster home cannot be found quickly enough.


Donations can be mailed to STRCT, 665 Tallulah Falls Drive, Denver, NC 28037. You may also make a donation to Silky Terrier Rescue through Pay Pal. Please click here to visit our donation page for more information on making a Pay Pal donation.

If you would like to volunteer, please click here to fill out our volunteer application.
If you volunteer, please don't be surprised if we "check you out" ~ we want to make sure our silkys are in very good hands.

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