Identification of the Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier Club of America The Silky Terrier is a small dog with a medium-length coat that lays flat and has a silky texture. Silkys average about 10 lbs in weight (most Silkys would be between 8 and 12 lbs). They average about 10 inches tall at the shoulders. Silky Terriers have dark eyes and erect ears, although some may have drop ears. Most Silkys have a docked tail. The Silky Terrier is an energetic dog with an alert expression.
The coat on the Silky Terrier's body can be any shade of gray (blue) from charcoal to light silver with various shadings of tan on the face, feet, backs of the ears, and under the tail. The Silky's body coat is not brown, but it may have some gold shadings. The Silky's coat is, as the name suggests, silky and in fact the texture is much like human hair.

All of the dogs pictured on this page are known to be Silky Terriers. We've tried to include a variety of silkys to assist shelter staff and other rescue groups in identifying this breed.

silky terrier
Toby, about 8 years old
Toto, 11 years old
Silky Terriers are often mistaken for Yorkshire Terriers and it can be somewhat difficult to distinguish between the two breeds, particularly if the dog in question resulted from casual breeding. Compared to a Yorkie, the Silky tends to be somewhat larger. The Silky has a longer muzzle than the Yorkie and the Silky's head is more wedge shaped than the Yorkie, which has a more "dome shaped" head.
The Silky's body is longer than the Yorkie's body. The Yorkie's body shape is more "square", in that the Yorkie's body is no longer than it is tall at shoulder giving a square appearance. The Silky's body is somewhat longer than it is tall at the shoulder. A healthy silky is well muscled and very sturdy for a dog of this size. Sonny
Sonny, a silky with drop ears
Honey, a silky that was shaved down
Another breed which is somewhat similar to the Silky Terrier is the Australian Terrier. The Australian Terrier has basically the same head shape and body style as the Silky, but a bit larger package. The Australian Terrier's weight generally runs in the 16 - 20 lb range. They have a different coat texture in that they are what is called a "broken coat" terrier and they carry an undercoat and a guard coat. They are the blue and tan coloration (as well as solid reds). The topknot is a bit softer than the rest of the body coat.

More Silkys....

Griffen, a darker color silky
Kelsey, with untrimmed ears
Sparky, about 1 year old
Annie, shaved down & skinny
Zac, 8 months old
Paddington, about 10 years old
Thanks to Norma Baugh, Amron Silky Terriers, for assistance in preparing the text on this page.

Posted 5/20/01

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