A Rescue Success Story

River and one of his special pals.
This is River. Several years ago, he was found in the Milwaukee River by boaters. It was fall, so the water was chilly. The boaters couldn't get him into the boat. They were very kind people, though, and they called Domestic Animal Rescue. They stayed near him to make sure he didn't drown until he was picked up. When he was pulled out of the river, he was in pretty bad shape. He had swallowed a lot of contaminated water and he was very depressed.

Through the wonderful help of the Humane Society in Milwaukee, a foster home was found. As often happens, his foster mom fell for him and decided to adopt him. River's mom has kept in touch with Silky Terrier Rescue and we are so pleased to see that he is doing so well.

River's mom, Pam, says "Like all Silky owners, I think he's pretty special. It look a long time to rehab him and get him to trust all of us. But we were persistent and now he is one of the family."

"These pictures were taken at a doggy daycare, where he goes twice a week to help him learn to get along with other dogs. He loves it and still loves water too!"

River enjoys a nice, safe dip in the pool.

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