Is a Silky Terrier Right for Me?

Silky Terriers are wonderful little dogs. Full-grown, they weigh about ten pounds, give or take a little. They are alert, inquisitive, and intelligent. The Silky is a sturdy little dog that often seems to think he's a big dog. Silkies are fun-loving, playful, charming little clowns. They are lovable and affectionate. Even though the Silky Terrier is classified as a "toy" dog, in personality, Silkies are more like terriers...they can be stubborn and willful.

If you are interested in the Silky Terrier there are some questions you should ask yourself:

1.) Do I have time for a dog? The Silky does not like to be left alone for too long!

2.) Do I want the dog around me ALL the time? If not, this is probably not the breed for you. Silkys enjoy lots of attention from their people.

3.) Can a Silky be trusted with my child? Can your child be trusted with a Silky? Your child should NEVER be left alone with ANY dog! Although the Silky is a sturdy little dog, it is still little and can be easily harmed by a child.

4.) Can I afford a dog? The first year of a puppy's life is very expensive. Every year the dog will require shots and regular checkups, plus food & grooming.

5.) Can I commit to having a dog? The average lifespan for a Silky is mid-late teens. Think about the long term. In 5 or 10 years will you still have time, money, love for a dog?

6.) Do I want an "Inside Dog"? If not, forget this breed.

7.) Can I handle a terrier? Although the Silky is listed by the AKC as a "Toy", it is still a Terrier! NOT a "lapdog". Terriers have a mind of their own. Because of this they are not always easy to train.

Interested in learning more about Silky Terriers? Click here.

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