Allspice's Story

The Power of Love

In early July, 2001, Marge Gagliardi received an urgent email from Ric Ross, a Yorkie rescuer. There was an old silky in bad shape in the hospital room of the San Pedro, CA shelter. No one knew about her and she wasn't up for adoption by the general public because she was emaciated and had mange. Marge called Bonnie Behrman who made quite a long trip to pic her up. Bonnie sprung the silky from the shelter and called her Minnie for her big ears and petite size.

Marge got her at the Ventura shows the next weekend and practically everyone who saw her was in tears. Pam Laperruque, Annette Hidalgo and Carol Elliott to name a few. Marge says, "I had never seen anything looking as close to dead and still be alive. She had no life in her or in her eyes. They were vacant.....she'd given up!" Here's how she looked when she was first rescued.

minnie, july 2001minnie, july 2001
Minnie stayed at Camp Anahab for a few weeks to get the mange under control and to gain weight, and she gradually improved. We were able to give her to our favorite vet, Dr. Steve Frack of Tustin, CA, to spay and have her teeth cleaned - she lost the very few she had remaining....all except one. Minnie had at least 8 mammary tumors removed. She had a full body x-ray, too. She also turned out to be completely deaf. She came home to Marge's in about a week and stayed with there until November. Here is the little critter when she was ready to be placed in a new home.
minnie, november 2001minnie, november 2001
In November, a wonderful home was found for Minnie, with the help of Annette Hidalgo and Larry Kubecka and Carolyn and Lionel Marcus, who did a home visit with our little girl's new mom, Evelyn Deaton. Evelyn has been the most wonderful mom to this little sweetheart, who she renamed Allspice.

Allspice has had some other health problems, but she has been cared for beautifully by Evelyn. You can see from her picture that she has really blossomed...look at the sparkle in her eyes now. Allspice has traveled east to visit Evelyn's family… we hear that she was the most popular passenger on the plane! We're so happy that Allspice was able to find a home with such a lovely person who has been so kind to her.

allspice, june 2002allspice, june 2002
Posted 7/4/02


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