Coach - A Narrow Escape!

Almost two years ago, in the spring of 1999, three Silkys and four Yorkies were rescued from a barn where they were being kept, apparently for breeding purposes. They were in terrible condition...the Silkys had been kept chained to metal stakes with chains that were only two feet long. When they were taken to the shelter, Coach was so weak and ill that the shelter vet thought he should be put to sleep. Fortunately, the kind shelter staff wanted to give him a chance and they nursed him until Barb, a Yorkie rescuer, came and took all seven dogs into her rescue. coach
coach In May, 1999, Coach was adopted by Cynthia. Here's what she says about him. "He came with a lot of emotional baggage. With a LOT of love and patience he has came a long ways. He is still scared of people (which is something he will NEVER completely overcome) and had very little trust in his small body. He still runs from me, but it is no longer a scared run, just something he thinks he is supposed to do. My mother who is also an animal lover cannot believe that he is the same dog that she saw over the 4th of July weekend last year. Everyone that has seen him when I first got him and sees him now, cannot get over the change in him."
"About 3 months ago he started to play. He loves to play "tug." He is not doing too bad in training me. He still goes potty in the house on occasion (but that is the terrier in him). He goes bye-bye with me as often as I can take him. His Aunt Renaye likes having him when I have to be gone longer than normal. When he goes to Aunt Renaye's he has her cat to play with (which is cute to watch) as well as her 3 yr. old Grandson and Grandpa J to take him for walks. As you can tell he IS NOT Spoiled!!!"

Cynthia says, "I treat my dog as I would want to be a person not as an animal...What ever I do or where ever I go I think how is it going to effect him. Coach comes first!"

As you can see from his pictures, Coach is now a happy, healthy little fellow, and a very fortunate one to have encountered so many people who were willing to help him, and especially to have found a home where he is loved and cherished.
Posted 12/22/00


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