Corky's looking pretty pleased with himself!
Lavonda is a wonderful lady who recently adopted a rescued silky terrier. Here's what she says about her new little guy...

"Corky came into our lives on November 3rd, 2000 just to foster until a forever home would come available for him. Not knowing what he looked like I was very stunned the minute I laid eyes on him. His face looked so much like my sweet Shema that I had for 17 yrs. Tears filled my eyes and I told Sally Stevens, the rescuer that brought him to me that I would give this fostering a try if I could get my silky baby girl Buttons to accept him. At first, I wasn't so sure it was going to work but after two weeks they started to bond."

"You see --- my Corky is 11 yrs old and he wasn't used to someone showing him so much love and affection. My husband and I believe that somewhere in Corky's past he was mistreated. He would drop to the floor if you even started to rub him and would jump at the least bit of noise. You could touch him to take him on walks or to brush him but that was all for a few weeks." corky
"Do you think I have enough toys?"
"When Corky first came to our house, he didn't have very much hair because of a health problem, but once we started him on a regular schedule of medicine, you should see him now. He has a beautiful coat of hair and he loves to be brushed."

"It took us only a few weeks to decide I wanted to make him a new member of our family. Our whole family loves Corky. He gets so much love and affection that he is totally spoiled. I can hold him and love on him just like my other silky and he even licks my hand. He stays with me now in the office while I work at night along with Buttons. I can only say the longer we have Corky the more we love him and the fear in his eyes are disappearing. I hope I will have him for many more years. At least I will know in my heart when he goes to rainbow bridge he will be leaving with all the love we can give him."

"I just wanted to share my story with the other members and let others know how wonderful it is to adopt a older dog. If given the chance they can return your love the same as a young dog. Thanks to Sally Stevens of Silky Terrier Rescue and Vicki Konikson of Puppy Mill Rescue - these fine ladies helped me to bring Corky into my family and I certainly appreciate it."

Posted 4/21/01


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