We're happy to pass along this report from our friend Pico....

Well, I just wanted to tell everyone that I am off the market! Two months ago my new mom and dad -- Frank and Dee Ermin, adopted me. I was a little skeptical and afraid at first, because I had moved around quite a bit. So, I just figured that this was another pit stop. My biography portrayed me as "prickly" and unpredictable, but I'm not really like that. I really love people (especially women) and love to be near them. I put on a tough exterior, because I really never had a stable home until now.

My new dad came the whole way to New York to pick me up. I was impressed, but I wondered "Where's my mom?" Will there be a lady at my new home? He talked to me the whole way home. When we arrived at my new home, I thought, "Wow, a lot of land, nice house." Then, I walked inside and there stood a white Bichon Frise (Flash) and black Terrier mix (Buster) and a small squirrel. I was really confused about the squirrel-why would anyone have a pet squirrel? Silly me! I later learned that the small guy was a Yorkshire Terrier named Buddy. I just never saw such a small dog before. This little guy and I have become good friends. We chase each other around and play tug-of-war with a stuffed toy bone.

Around 5:00 PM that evening my new mom came home from work. I was so excited that I jumped up and smothered her with kisses. That was just fine with her, because she kissed me back and gave me hugs. I love to follow her around and sit near her. She loves to pet me and say that I am "sweet." I do the same with my dad. I follow him around and love to be near him.

Finally, they take such good care of my brothers and me. All four of us get professionally groomed every five weeks. I am one handsome dude! We get all natural dog food-none of that dog food from the grocery store. Each of us has a very plush bed. We get to go outside and run around. I really like to take walks with my dad, too.

But the best part is that my mom and dad love me so much. I get hugs and kisses all the time. They encourage me to be near them and to play with them. They are very patient with me and are very supportive. Mom and dad just love doggies, so they try to do everything they can to keep us healthy and to make us happy. I am so happy!

By the way, thank you Cathy and Rick, for being my foster parents. You helped me to trust people again and to get an idea of what love is. Rick, I had a great time chasing those chickens! At my new home we don't have chickens, but I have birds and squirrels (the real deal!) to chase.

Pico Ermin

Posted 4/26/05


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