Radar's Story

Radar was found when he wandered into a school in Virginia last year while voting was taking place (looking for dimpled chads, I suppose). He was adopted by an elderly couple in Florida who eventually found that they were unable to take care of him, so he ended up in a foster home with a Yorkie rescuer named Lisa. Through the web site, Radar eventually found a new home with Shirley. She has shared these pictures and Radar was kind enough to write the captions for them all by himself!...it certainly looks like Radar is a happy little fellow now!
"Here I am before my haircut and bath."
"This is just a small part of my yard...it's all
fenced in, but I can live with that!"

"Here I am resting...I share this bed with my mother."

"My chair and window.
I also have a hair cut!"

"This chair belongs to Radar.
Do Not Disturb!"

"Don't worry...I've got
everything under control here!"


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