Silky Terrier Rescue and Adoption

Success Stories


sweet toto

I adopted Toto when he was almost 9 years old. Toto was such a good little dog. He was a Canine Good Citizen. He had so many endearing little ways. He was a much loved part of my life for almost five years, until he went to the Rainbow Bridge in July, 2003.

Run free and play at the bridge, little buddy.....


Buddy was rescued before being sent to a local shelter, where I feel he probably would have been put down. He was bald in most areas, full of hotspots and very stinky.

His rescuer drove him all the way from Illinois to Maryland, and on October 20 1997 Buddy joined our family. I will forever be in his rescuer's debt for giving me the best friend I've ever had.

On March 17, 1999, precious Buddy went to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be missed by his loving family.