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The Search for Taffy

by Carolyn Ferguson

Once a dog owner...

We always had dogs growing up, but I was born in the country in Trinidad WI, where dogs were for protection and eating scraps. Dogs were everywhere and a part of life. We moved to Nova taffyScotia when I was 12years old and a year later we got, what I would call my first dog - Scamp. He was very cute - a mix with plenty of silky terrier in him and some poodle. He got me though my teenage years, and as most people who have had deceased pets from relationships over 14years...well, you can write a book dedicated just to them. Scamp just let me know...I was a dog person; a terrier dog person.

The search...cravings

I started with "cravings" a year or two after Scamp died. I looked at offers from the paper, and always looked in the dog section of the pet store. Logic told me though, that my career, schooling, and children were too much of my life, and that the time was not right. I came close a few times. I had said I would take one of my friend's puppies when they arrived, but, as I was leaving for a business trip I phoned from the airport and canceled. It just wasn't time...yet.

The's time

Summer 1998. My daughter was a real push. She kept requesting a dog for her birthday, Christmas, every time she saw one. I had been busy -- finished my schooling, changed jobs from my "on the road" career to working mainly from home, and now all my kids were in school. Was it really time? I guessed it wouldn't hurt to start looking again and Samantha started receiving "dog stuff" for her Birthday and Christmas. We looked closer at the pet stores and actually asked questions.

The search...the type?

Well, my husband's aunt had Yorkies and he was taken with them. I was looking for a Scamp look-a-like, and Samantha just wanted a small dog to love. We had our qualities to look for: small breed, good with kids, would love cottage life, and Brad's mother was allergic, so something that did not shed constantly. We started looking at Yorkies and got some great advice for our search from a breeder...Be aware! Ask questions! Do research! There our Internet research started and there is where we found the perfect breed: the Silky Terrier.

The search...where oh where can this little dog be?

Let face it...Nova Scotia, Canada's a hard place to find a small terrier dog. When you're on the Internet you see small dogs left and right, all breeds, abandoned and needing homes in the USA mainly. I started (while finding info and asking questions), letting people and places all over know of our need. We had now known that if we could rescue a dog in need, this would be of far greater value to us. Time was really no issue. We would wait, keep looking and know that one day she would come and we would know she was for us. We applied to our local SPCA. A purebred was not a concern, only that she was healthy. We visited often, taking biscuits and walking the dogs -- no small terrier breeds -- this was very rare for a Nova Scotia shelter.

The search...a response in Canada!

On March 26, 1999 I received an e-mail from Cheryl Sutton from the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club, with a 3-4 yr. old little girl. I responded immediately with interest taffy shows her terrier personalityto see if this little girl was a match for our family. After a month of several phone calls and e-mails, we had arrangements made for "Taffy" to come to Nova Scotia. We were excited. It was like adopting a child. Cheryl got Taffy all ready -- she was spayed, groomed and given so much love and attention.

Taffy Arrives!

On Thursday April 29th, 1999, Taffy flew into Halifax Airport to meet her new family. She was so glad to see us (or to be let out of her crate), and we fell in love instantly. The children had taken the afternoon off to go to the airport and kept repeating on the drive home, "I can't believe we got a dog!", "She's so perfect".

Taffy's Perfect!

Taffy fit right into our home. She found her 'space' and we all bonded so well. She loves taking us for walks and gets the attention of the whole neighborhood. She will go to anyone and shows no signs of fear or aggression. She sleeps in her basket every night, she's well trained, she eats well (she does beg for 'human food', but has learned quickly that she won't get fed off the table), and she plays so well with the kids. Her personality is happy and affectionate. We are so thankful for her and grateful to those who helped her get here!


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