Kookie's Story

Update: 12/7/03. Kookie has had her tests, including a CAT scan and biopsy. Unfortunately, they were inconclusive. The vets are not recommending any more surgery for her at this time. The good news is that the swelling of her eye has gone down and she seems to be doing better. She will also have a dental done ~ at the vet school this is because of her other health problems. Thanks to the generous donations of many of our Silky Rescue friends, we were able to help her rescuers to pay for almost all of her vet bills. We appreciate these donations very much. At this time, we are closing the Kookie fund.
kookie Kookie is a sweet 9 year old silky lady who is in need of help. About 2 years ago, Kookie was rescued from a very bad puppy mill situation by a family that rescues dogs on their own. When they rescued Kookie, she was very thin, very fearful, and her teeth were in horrible condition - they were so bad, they were green! She was probably kept caged most of the time because she was not housetrained. The family nursed her back to health and fell in love with her and decided to give her a permanent home with them.
This little girl has been doing well and is loved very much by her family. Last week, they got some bad news - she has a mass behind her right eye. She is scheduled for surgery, and if the mass is cancerous, she will lose her eye.

To make matters even more difficult, her family has recently had a number of big vet bills. They want to do as much as they can for Kookie, but Kookie and her family are in need of financial help, and we are hoping that we can help by raising some money for Kookie's vet bills.

kookie It's tough for an individual or family to do rescue on their own...we all know how vet bills can sometimes mount up, and so many of the critters that need help from rescuers have been neglected or abused and have serious health needs.

If a bunch of silky people each give a little bit, we'll be able to help this deserving girl and her family - folks that have helped a lot of other needy dogs. And whether or not you can help financially, we hope you'll say a little prayer for Kookie and her family in hopes of good news and a good recovery for her.

Thanks to the generosity of the wonderful friends of Silky Terriers, we were able to cover the cost of a CAT scan, biopsy, and several other expensive tests for Kookie. The results were inconclusive, however, so no surgery will be done at this time. It is not certain whether she has bone cancer, or possibly a very severe infection. She will continue to be monitored closely, and is doing well right now. She is going to have another procedure at the vet school soon. We'll keep everyone up to date... kookie
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Posted 10/8/03
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