Gaby's Story

gaby Gaby was previously known as TwinkleToes. She was rescued from a puppy mill in December and went to live with Andi and Dave, her foster parents in Oklahoma. Here's what they said about her then... TwinkleToes is a 7 year old girl with a black & tan coat and flop ears. She is a tiny girl, weighing only about 4 lbs. Her lower jaw is missing teeth and is somewhat deformed. The vet suspects that it was broken, possibly because she was kicked. We don't yet know whether her jaw can be repaired. In spite of her terrible past, TwinkleToes is a real sweetie and a very happy girl. She follows her people around, stopping every now and again to spin a circle and wag her tail.. She gives kisses and spins around in joy quite a bit!
In April, Cheryl L. adopted this little one, named her Gaby, and took her home to Colorado. Here's what she wrote soon after arriving home with Gaby. "This is one special little girl and I'm so thankful that I was chosen to be her mom. She is exactly what I needed and wanted...Gaby really is the sweetest little thing. She doesn't like the grass but will potty on the patio. She's learning from her big brother (Robbie, a cocker spaniel) the routine of the house. She's in a crate when I go to work but I go home at lunch and we spend lots of time together. She's fine and still has not made a single sound...not one bark or whimper...Gaby's life has changed. I just can't love her enough! I especially like to kiss her behind her ears. She has a nice sheepskin bed in every room in the house and she loves to ride in the car with me (on a bed, of course). Everyone who sees her think she's the most adorable puppy."
In this picture, you can see Gaby's jaw problem.
Shortly after she brought Gaby home, Cheryl L. took Gaby to see her vet, Dr. Taylor at the Alameda East Vet Clinic After extensive examinations and x-rays, Dr. Taylor said that he will do surgery. But first, Gaby required some dental work. She was put on antibiotics for preparation. They needed to pull her two lower canines because they'll need to use the bone. But once they got started, they discovered that she had some infection and broken teeth so they ended up pulling a total of 5 teeth.

She was a trooper and everyone at AEVC absolutely loves her. The next step is jaw reconstruction. Dr. Taylor will do a bone graft using one of Gaby's ribs to reconstruct the jaw. He is very optimistic that this one surgery is all that will be necessary. Gaby's mom asked if this will be a painful ordeal for her but Dr. Taylor has assured her that she will be well cared for and they will not let her suffer.

Gaby's jaw rescontruction surgery was scheduled for May 17. However, after examination, they decided that the jaws had not healed adequately from the dental work several weeks ago. They will need to put screws into the jaw and it needs to be stronger than what it now is. The surgery has been scheduled for the end of May.

Exciting news...the film crew from "Emergency Vets" program on Animal Planet were there the last time Gaby went to see Dr. Taylor. They filmed Gaby and interviewed her mom. aid. The producer said she will be following Gaby's story and will probably be there for her surgery. We don't know for sure whether Gaby will be on the show, but we're hoping. Gaby has been through alot but now she has a wonderful home with a mom who loves her very much.

Gaby with a silky terrier puppy.

Update! News and Pictures about Gaby's Surgery

Posted 5/28/00


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