Murphy's Law

Extra-Special Volunteer

murphy in his life jacket
Murphy's Law in his PFD
Murphy's Law was adopted by Mark from a shelter in Alaska. He's one of three silkys in Mark's wonderful Kenney Lake Dogpak.

Mark writes, "The Alyeska Oil Pipeline Company sponsored a Summer Safety Fair in Valdez Saturday, May 13, 2000. The Friends of the Valdez Animal Shelter (FVAS) had a booth for animal safety. I volunteered to have Murphy model a K-9 PFD for water safety when taking animals along on boating excursions. We also planned to instruct young children how to approach a strange dog so as to avoid confrontations that could result in dog bites."

"Murphy did his modeling job very well, but he didn't work out very well in his role of teaching about how to approach a strange dog. At that role, he was a total failure........ Thing is, Murphy doesn't know any strangers, especially kids. He just LOVES 'em!

Murphy gave out lots of slurpy kisses and his tail was wagging so fast, I feared it would fall off by the end of the day! He was no doubt the most popular exhibit at the fair. NOBODY passed our booth without stopping to pat Murphy! Even the other exhibitors came over to see him."

murphy and friends
Murphy greeting "strangers"
Murphy "baiting" people to stop and visit.
"Because of Murphy's friendly greetings, we were able to distribute many pamphlets about pet animal safety and demonstrate much information on important pet care and safety practices. In no small way, Murphy made our FVAS booth outstandingly successful in disseminating animal safety.

Needless to say, I'm very proud of my little rescue guy.........."

Posted 5/28/00


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