rocky Here is Paul and Lori's story about Rocky, their rescued silky terrier.

"We picked up Rocky from Tina W. in Wisconsin last October 30, 1999. We felt it was worth the seven hour ride from our home in Michigan to bring this little guy into our family. Everything we read on the web about him made him seem like a perfect match for us. We had lost our sweet four-month-old silky pup Sally in a freak accident last June, and thought we could never love another dog again. But soon we realized we needed another dog, and not just any dog, but a Silky. Rocky hasn't replaced Sally in our hearts, but he has certainly made his own place there. He is a true testimony for how an adult dog can be a great addition to a family.

Rocky was five when we got him, which concerned me somewhat, but Tina assured us that adult dogs already know how to love, and actually crave it. She was absolutely right. Within the first week, it was as if he had lived with us since he was a puppy. He is such a good dog! He's housebroken, does tricks and just loves being part of a family. We have three kids, ages 5 - 10 and Rocky fits right in with them - he actually thinks he's one of them!

Not only was Rocky rescued from a situation that found him homeless, we were also rescued from a situation that had left us feeling empty and sad." Thanks to Paul and Lori for sharing their story about Rocky and their family. They wanted people to know about their experience in order to encourage people that might be a bit reluctant to consider an adult rescued dog -- an older dog can be a wonderful, loving addition to a family, just as Rocky was for them.

Posted 3/31/01


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