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daisy June, 1999

Daisy was rescued by Andi in March, 1998, along with two puppy-mill silkies. Daisy was in a shelter in Missouri. At first, Daisy was thought to be an "owner turn-in", but now it is known that she, too, was a puppy-mill dog.

Daisy and the two other silkies were "scared, scruffy, and very pathetic" when they were rescued. Daisy had been shaved down, so her coat is still growing back. She had tummy troubles and very few teeth. She turned out to be blind in one eye, because she did not receive basic treatment for an eye condition.

After months of loving care by Andi, Daisy was ready for adoption. In early September, she went to live with Gayle and Gayle's two other rescue dogs. In her new home, Daisy is very sweet but shy. She was willing to sit in Gayle's lap right from the start. Now, she is happy, perky, and affectionate. She's a "one-person" dog for now, but that's ok because Gayle is her person, and she and Gayle are already very fond of each other.

Daisy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She had a wonderful home for her last few years and was loved very much.


Trapper is a retired Champion with a CD and CGC. Trapper was a rescue dog on the Silkydog-l rescue page. He was raised by a woman who bred Flat Coated Retrievers, and Trapper started getting a little too pushy with one of her males. The dog tried to drown Trapper in her duck pond, so she decided to find Trapper a home where he would be safe, happy, and most of all loved.

We drove up to meet Trapper, and he was so taken with us that he decided to make us his new family. He has been a wonderful addition to our family, and now has a little sister to play and romp with.

Trapper has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be remembered and missed by his loving family.


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