Silky Terrier Rescue and Adoption

Success Stories


aka BBKing

Huggy is now about 7 months old. He was rescued about four months ago from a puppy mill, by Flora Hinkley. He was soon adopted by Karen and her family, and lives with them in a big house with doggy doors and a big fenced in yard.When Huggy was rescued, he had demodectic mange. He is being treated, and is improving gradually.He also had an injury to the growth plate of one of his rear legs, so it is slightly deformed. None of these problems seem to bother him, and he is able to "run like lightning". Huggy
Huggy and pals Karen says "Huggy is my little guy, and he is very independent and fears nothing. He has brought me a lot of joy and it is great having a baby in the house again...he loves to run and play...I have grown to love him dearly."

Karen also is involved in rescue and has lots of dogs at her home. Huggy's best friend is Queenie, an 80 pound American Bulldog. Also in this picture is Chance, a rescued mini Schnauzer who was also adopted by Karen.


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