Annie ~ A Wonderful Happy Ending

annie - before
Annie in early November
In October, one of our silky people was contacted by a shelter in Oklahoma about a female silky. Barbara responded and was told that the silky was probably about 10 years old and had tested positive for heartworm. We were very worried about this poor girl and especially whether we would be able to find anyone willing to take care of her during the difficult and dangerous treatment for heartworm that she would have to endure.This picture was taken shortly after this little silky was rescued.
Several people came forward and offered to foster this girl. We decided to send her to Patty in Florida because it would be a forever home for her, and because as a retired vet tech, we knew Patty would be able to deal with the needed heartworm treatment.

Patty decided to name her Annie, and welcomed her with open arms. The heartworm treatment was completed right around Christmas time. The tender, loving care that Annie has been given is going to continue permanently. What an amazing transformation we can see in these pictures - in only 2 and a half months!

annie - after
Annie in mid-January
playing with her favorite toy
According to Patty, Annie now has a clean bill of health. The vets all think she is probably 7 or 8 years old, not 10 as originally thought.

She fits in beautifully with her new family, which includes 3 other silkys. Patty says she has no regrets at all and would do it all over again. She took a chance on a silky who desperately needed help and was rewarded with a wonderful companion and friend. Visit Patty's web site at


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