Terrance and friend
Terrance was rescued from a shelter in New Jersey by Marion. He was about 4 years old last October when he was rescued. This little silky had a tough life so far. He was originally brought to the shelter by his people who were "tired of him" ~ this home was described by one of the shelter workers as "chaotic." He was adopted and returned to the shelter twice before he was rescued.

About 6 months later, it's very clear that Terrance's luck has changed!

Here's what his new mom, Linda, has to say. "Terrance is absolutely wonderful! He is my sweet little prince and my very best friend. He has gained a couple of pounds and his coat is long and silky again. He is very healthy and very happy. When I look at him I can't imagine what life was like without him. He is a joy to me 24 hours a day. I can't be near him without hugging and kissing him and telling him how much I love him and how wonderful I think he is. Everyone that meets him loves him. Even Sydney, my big old male kitty who for the first two months hissed at him and sent me looks that could kill, now plays with him and even lets Terrance snuggle up and give him kisses...we are such a happy little family! I'm so happy to have the chance to be his mom and to have such joy brought back into my life!"


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