A Happy New Family!

Here's what TJ's mom, Lana, had to say..."We adopted "TJ" this past spring. His foster mom was Laura Somerville, a very nice and loving lady. I can't even put into words how much we love this little fella !! He has brought so much happiness into our lives and he truly has a "forever" home with us. He had some baggage like so many other dogs that have had abuse in their past. But there is ALWAYS room in their hearts for love. It just takes a little time for the trust to kick in. That doesn't mean that there aren't any "doggy kisses" before that happens. It's just that over time, the "kisses" and affection from your new pet get better and better. (It isn't that easy to just forget when you have been mistreated or abused, especially if it was for a long period of time.) But if you can open your heart and home to a rescue Silky, your HEART will never be sorry!!" tj
tj and bill
TJ and his dad
"TJ loves to play and he really loves to chew on rubber toys. One day, he found a tennis ball that had fallen out of the closet and now his two tennis balls are his favorite toys. He is very possessive of them, but loves it when we pretend that we want one. It's kinda like a tug-of-war game with him and he thinks he's "King of the Mountain" when we finally let him win."

"Nothing can replace a Silky for love and loyalty. We have another named Sammy that we adopted 6 years ago. They get along well together, even with my 3 cats !! So please read the info on this site about a "Silky 4 U?". And if you can YES to the questions, then you may be the next one writing YOUR success story. WE SURE HOPE SO."

Posted 1/18/01


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